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Say goodbye to cooking stress. Forever.

Just looking to make one dish? No problem, there’s lots of great dishes to choose from. Want to make a 5-course meal for you and seven guests? Relax, we’ve got you covered. Just tap and choose dishes from your library to create your dream menu. Our dinner planner combines all your menu choices into one easy to follow recipe – no more flipping back and forth. Our menu maker smartly plans your combined recipe steps to know course order or when something is resting or simmering, and keeps you cooking away on your other dishes. Forgot to set a timer? Can’t remember how long your dish has been in the oven? No worries, we’ve incorporated our timers right into the recipe steps. We’ll track what’s on your stovetop, in the oven or resting on the counter so you don’t need to fret. Cooking should be fun, not a chore.

20 region packs – over 300 recipes.

We’ll be releasing all 20 of Massimo’s Italian regional Supper Club menu packs for you to purchase and explore. Easily browse through every authentic home-style Italian dish, from starters to desserts with nothing missed in between. We’ve included a selection of some of Massimo’s favourite dishes as part of the free sample pack to get you started.

Cook multiple dishes with ease.

Pick your courses, choose your recipes, build your menu: It’s just three easy steps to create an immense variety of multi-course dinners that are smartly organized into one easy workflow. No more time wasted flipping back and forth between recipes.

Full-length interactive episodes. Twenty of them.

Each region pack comes with an interactive broadcast-quality episode featuring executive chef Massimo Bruno sharing his love of food as he walks you through the preparation of three dishes from start to finish. Travel through Italy by collecting all 20 episodes, together with matching recipes. Follow along as Massimo highlights the specialties of Italian cooking - from Campania to Friuli!


Have an Apple TV? With a touch, you can easily Airplay full HD episodes to your TV while still accessing all the app’s tools on your iPad.

Personalize with notes & bookmarks.

You can personalize episodes by bookmarking spots in the video for easy, instant access later. And you can add your own notes to individual recipe steps – from right in the video or from the recipe!

Reference ingredients anytime.

Instantly review a recipe’s ingredients in any episode with a tap or swipe of the screen.

Sort your groceries, play your music, and share your kitchen adventures with your friends.

Shopping’s a cinch with the meal planner’s grocery list. Share your dinner plans and cooking adventures with friends right from the app, set the mood with a personalized playlist, create multiple dishes step-by-easy-step, but most importantly, say goodbye to cooking stress.

Massimo Bruno

This is Massimo. He’s Italian. He lives, breathes and even dreams Italian food. It’s a passion he can’t keep to himself, he wants to share. With you. Get this app and change the way you cook. Forever.